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About Us

EMD SALES, Inc, one of the fastest growing International Foods Distributors in the Mid Atlantic Region, offering a vast variety of dry goods, frozen and refrigerated foods, and private label items in a large portfolio of groceries, spices, candies, juices and sodas, cheeses, tortillas, rice, beans and many other products from: Brazil, Bolivia, Canada, Colombia, Chile, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Guatemala, Indonesia, Italy, Jamaica, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, West Indies, Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, Thailand and other Asian countries.

EMD SALES, Inc is the preferred distributor for ethnic products in the DC Metro area, and for more than 25 years it has been serving a diverse customer base, delivering to grocers, wholesalers, restaurants and ethnic establishments. As a single-source distributor, EMD Sales Inc can introduce fast moving products extending beyond the barriers among ethnic groups.

Service and value you can trust

We are dedicated to bringing you the best foods and wines from all over the globe. We do this with the best customer service in mind.

Elda Devarie, President & CEO